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Civil Law Matters:

We really do believe that every problem has a solution. Our approach is first to attempt to resolve the dispute out of Court and then to litigate. 

benefits to resolving a dispute in a non-litigious manner

  • It keeps your costs low
  • It can sometimes lead to a preservation of working or civil relations
  • From a personal wellbeing perspective, the prospect of resolving conflict speedily can result in reduced personal stress and improved mental health

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Debt collection Matters Include:

Whether it is negotiating with your debtors, or going to Court to collect what is owing, we can help you every step of the way. We can assist with debt instruments such as AODs (Acknowledgement of Debts), Pledges, Suretyships, and Loan Agreements

Issues that may arise During Domestic violence

  • Setting aside a protection order
  • Breach of a protection orde
  • Enforcing a protection order
  • Enforcing a warrant of arrest
  • Child abuse orders
  • Orders for the vulnerable

Determinations on the Court to approach

  • For claims less than R15,000 - Individuals: Small Claims Court
  • For claims less than R15,000 - Juristic Persons: Magistrates Court
  • Claims between R15,001 – R200,000 – Magistrates’ Court
  • Claims between R200,001 – R400,000 – Regional Court
  • Claims exceeding R400,001 – High Court.


Aside from Debt Collection, you may have a civil dispute that needs to be adjudicated in Court.


If you have a contract which has been breached (e.g. lease agreements, sale agreements, service agreements, etc.), you can approach us to guide you through the process of resolving this issue.


Damages, in this context, is considered from a contractual perspective. It usually forms part of a contractual dispute. Examples of damages include loss of revenue from holding over, special damages for expenses incurred in mitigation of loss, loss suffered through acts of defamation, etc.

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